Message From The Future

“…What the world needs is people who have come alive”

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Join My Life Hack 101 Workshop – 24 May

Life Hack 101

Life Hack 101 is a full day event with a series of workshops focused on personal development where you will have a unique opportunity to learn from recognized experts, exchange with people who have similar passions, and learn life changing hacks that you can implement instantly.

This premiere is packed with undisputed professionals who will take us through the day:

•We will start by leveraging the deep power of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with Tina Taylor, one of the most influential NLP masters in the UK who has been trained directly by Richard Brandler, co-creator of NLP. Tina will teach us the secret NLP motivational strategies that have empowered thousands of people to accomplish their goals.

Carl Rodrigues, a productivity coach who helps busy people think more clearly, get the important things done and be more relaxed and in flow. He will lead guided visualisations and provide tools that increase your ability to consciously create your day, improve mindfulness, inner harmony and supercharge your productivity.

•A variety of other speakers and members who are high achievers in fitness, managing property portfolios and career growth.”

Saturday, 24 May 2014 from 09:00 to 18:00 (BST)

The Information Technologists Hall
39a Bartholomew Close

Use Promo Code HACK101 for 50% discount. Register here

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Help Raise the Planet’s Consciousness – May 3

Be Part of the ’144,000 Open Hearts Concert’ Global Livestream on May 3 2014 – Help Raise the Planet’s Consciousness – Global Transformational Higher-Frequency Light & Sound event.

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Are You A Human 2.0?

Are You A Human 2.0? Here’s 5 Ways to find out.
Time to step up to the challenge being laid down by our changing times.
I’ve consciously used wording that can be understood by a wide section of people.
It’s time to get these messages out to a much wider audience than those “in the know”!
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Soul Connection

Sera Beak speaking about soul connection – wonderful! Bring on the new wave of spiritual teachers…Put the volume up and enjoy!

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Mindfulness, Sexy Mangos and Getting More Done

Enjoy! 🙂

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Mission To Lars

Highly recommend this film – people, family, music, real-life, the power of following your dreams and purpose! Mission To Lars is a real-life documentary feature film about Tom Spicer, a Metallica fan who who suffers from Fragile X Syndrome — a form of autism.

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Go To Glow Meditation

The chocolate shaman’s Go To Glow Meditation shows how some of the most simple things can prove the most powerful.

Twitter: @carlrodrigues | Facebook: carl.rodrigues.37

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Gratitude and Happiness

Beautiful to watch, Louie Schwartzberg, an award-winning cinematographer with a short film on gratitude and happiness.

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Experiment in Consciousness

Join Inelia Benz with the intention to exist as joylightlove for at least one hour per day for 21 days. Tap into the collective consciousness of the others participating, join the forum to share and learn. You can start at any time.

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